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Why Buy from Maps International?

5 reasons why you should choose Maps International:

1. Cartographic excellence from Lovell Johns

Maps International is a Lovell Johns brand, a leading cartography company from Oxford, England. Since its founding in 1965, Lovell Johns has built up a degree of map making knowledge unrivaled by other cartography companies.


2. Quality Finish

Each map is finished to a high level of quality, and often hand made by us with great care.

For example, we use high quality materials like Ayous wood in all our frames; the same wood used in the construction of racing boats because of its strength and light weight.  Our fully laminated maps use two sheets of industrial quality film, heat sealed to completely encapsulate the map. And our popular Scratch Prints use 170gsm strength Silk Art paper.

The team have many years of experience and as specialist map makers, your map is in great hands.


3. Excellence in Design

We know how important the design of a map is, from correct cartographic detail, to an engaging color palette and finish that creates a piece we’re proud of. Our team of map designers and cartographers work tirelessly to get all these factors right for you.  We want to make the world come alive on your wall; inspiring conversations, trips and adventures.


4. Exceptional Pricing

We price our maps to be competitive, offering you a great price for quality that will last for many years to come.


5. Purchase Experience

We’ve tried to make the online purchase experience as easy and intuitive as possible. Ensuring you have quick access to the maps you’re looking for and themed collections to provide you with inspiration. And a range of checkout options makes finalizing your order easy.



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